Saturday, March 23, 2013

Score of the Day: Chooka Duck Skimmers

Today I ran some errands, did some shopping at Costco, and guess what I found...Chooka Duck Skimmers! I had actually only ever heard of the brand Chooka from browsing Piperlime and Zappos, so all I knew that it was a good brand and that the price was probably a steal at Costco. I tried on a pair of the rubber flats, and thought they were kinda cute and pretty comfy so why not? 
Welll....the Chooka Duck Skimmers in Navy that I got for $24.99 at my local Costco actually retail for $65 at the aforementioned PL and Zappos!!! Wow major win for me! I'm sure these will be practical at some point for walking the dog in muddy/sandy areas while also needing nice shoes for going places other than dirty dog parks. Costco had them in Navy or Black. I went with Navy since black reminded me of fisherman galoshes.

What I'm Shopping This Weekend

Just a quick post on what I'm interested in shopping this weekend.
1. Victoria's Secret 7 for $26 Pink Panties
Ah, yes the perennial favorite. VS normally sells their panties at reg price 5 for $25. So when they go on sale for 7 for $26, I always stock up. As they have this promo about once a quarter, I'd say, I have amassed a large large collection of panties and I really can go a whole month without doing laundry...unless I run out of socks or gym clothes. Sale ends Monday.
VS Pink 7 for $26 Panties

2. Tory Burch Private Sale
The TB Private Sale features discounts on previous season's styles or current styles in the last season's trend colors. It's still the brand name, still cute, same quality and at a fraction of the price. If you're looking for the popular Reva flat, they've got the flats at 15% off reg price in red, navy, orange leather and 35% off in a few colors of the straw material. Personally, I have the Revas in black and they pinch my feet, but other women love them, so to each her own! Sale ends Monday. 

My pick from this sale is the Michelle tote in Yellow. 

It's one of their classic shapes in a great color for spring, big enough to tote all your miscellaneous items to work, and it's 50% off retail price! Retail: $395 Sale: $197.50

3. Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jeans Promo for $29.90
I just got these jeans last Saturday and wore them/fell in love on Thursday. These jeans are stretchy, super soft, and a bargain at thirty bucks! Even at reg price it's only $39.90. Still a great deal! If you're lucky enough to have a store nearby, you can even get them hemmed in store (same day depending on when in the day you buy them) for free if you're on the petite side like myself. If there aren't any Uniqlos nearby, pick them up online with free shipping over $100. Promo pricing ends tomorrow.
I got them in Navy, since I can always use some dark wash denim (I wear mine til the color's all faded!).

That's all for now on where to shop. Easter's coming up. There should be some big sales that weekend!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Skirting the Pants Issue

So I went to Uniqlo this weekend, and discovered a new clothing item that they seem to be pushing as a trend: skirt pants. What, you may be asking, are skirt pants? Well, in this most recent incarnation of Palazzo pants, they are basically really wide legged, loose and flowy, cropped pants...that have an elastic waist. They sound like they would be really great PJ pants, or even really great buffet pants (what? doesn't everybody have a pair of buffet pants?). Alright the image is coming up, get ready for it.
Sexy. I'm not really old enough to remember the first time that Palazzo pants were popular, nor have I ever been tall enough for these pants to be an attractive option for my petite figure. Sorry, this look really isn't working for me and I can't believe how many styles they had at Uniqlo! I don't think I'm ready for these to make a comeback, just like I'm not ready for the denim maxi skirt or cropped denim jacket (also available at Uniqlo) to make a comeback. I'm on the fence about their denim overalls; they're kinda cute, but I'm also traumatized by how much I wore these in the 90s.

More next time on what I did like (and bought!) at Uniqlo this weekend. Do you notice any trends making a "comeback" from the 90s or even the early 00s? What are the best and the worst?

New Beginnings

Oh blog, it's been a while. Reading those posts from 2009 were a blast from the past. I think that while my circumstances and goals in life have changed, my addiction to shopping has not. And, so my lovely readers, if there are any right now, I am back and ready to revamp this blog! Prettier backgrounds, integrated social media (oh, I love you Instagram!), and of course, lots of posts about shopping, clothing, hauls, reviews, sales, and so much more! Bear with me while the blog is under construction.

I have plans for you, blog. Grand plans.